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5 Things To Expect During A CoolSculpting Procedure

5 things to expect during a CoolSculpting procedure

Whether you’re about to have a CoolSculpting treatment, or you’re still looking for information about this fat-freezing cosmetic procedure, get ready to discover everything there is to know!

From advice and tips on how to prepare your body in the days leading up to your session, to what to expect during your treatment and the results you’ll experience after.

We believe in complete transparency so that our clients feel empowered and able to make informed decisions when it comes to cosmetic procedures.

Before Your Cosmetic Procedure

Once you’ve had an in-depth consultation with one of our experts, you’ll be booked in for your first cosmetic procedure. As the day approaches, you’ll likely be anxious and excited about your life-changing treatment.

So here’s how you can prepare for your CoolSculpting session.

Hit Your Weight Loss Goals

To maximize the results of your CoolSculpting treatment, you will need to be at your ideal body weight or within five pounds of your target. Dropping those extra couple of pounds will make it easier to see the amazing fat-freezing results of the CoolSculpting procedure.

5 things to expect during a CoolSculpting procedure


Avoid Sunbathing

It’s always best to protect your skin as much as possible before any cosmetic procedure, so use sun-screen and avoid sunbathing as much as possible. Unfortunately, sunburn and skin irritation can make this treatment uncomfortable, so invest in skincare in the weeks and days leading up to your treatment.

During The CoolSculpting Treatment

Now that you’re physically prepared for your cosmetic procedure here’s what to expect on the day.

1: Expect It To Suck

The innovative fat-freezing cosmetic procedure will involve suction of the skin, as the machine targets your problem area and starts to freeze those frustrating fat-cells. Expect a strong suction sensation during your treatment that is painless but might feel a little uncomfortable.

2: Ice Ice Baby

Since the CoolSculpting procedure will be significantly cooling your skin, it can get a little chilly, especially during the five 5 to 10 minutes of your session. Some people also feel a numb sensation, but this is perfectly normal.

3: Seize The Opportunity To Get Stuff Done

A CoolSculpting treatment can last between 35 minutes up to 2 hours depending on how many areas of your body are being treated in the single session. So many people choose to use this time to multitask. You can bring your phone, tablet or laptop to keep yourself entertained or even catch up on your emails. Some people prefer to snooze while others read a book. It’s completely up to you!

4: Tingling, Stinging and Cramping

This cosmetic procedure is FDA approved and safe however, due to the nature of the treatment you might experience tingling, stringing and cramping as the area of your body being cooled starts to react to the machine. These sensations will go away after a couple of minutes and be replaced with a numbing sensation.

5: Go, Go, Go

With no recovery time required post treatment, you can jump back on your feet and get back to your day as soon as the CoolSculpting procedure has ended.This is yet another reason why CoolSculpting is becoming so popular. The convenience of dropping in and then going about your day as if you just took a coffee break, makes it a busy professional’s dream.

After Your CoolSculpting Session

Congratulations, you’ve just experienced your first virtual CoolSculpting procedure. You should now be physically and mentally prepared for your big day, but what can you expect post treatment?

Fat-freezing Results Over Time

After you’ve had your first treatment, it can take around 1 to 3 months for your body to naturally flush out the frozen fat cells and give you noticeable results. Be patient and you’ll eventually reap the rewards of this non-invasive cosmetic procedure.

Sustain Your CoolSculpting Results

To maximise your CoolSculpting treatment fat-freezing results you’ll need to follow a healthy and active lifestyle, or risk letting your body’s hard work go to waste.

Make a conscious effort to plan a daily workout routine and healthy snacks and meals to make your weight loss journey a sustainable lifestyle change.

So, now you know exactly how to prepare for your CoolSculpting procedure, what will happen during your session and how to maximize your fat-freezing results, you have everything you need to book a CoolSculpting consultation with our team.

Take the first steps on your CoolSculpting journey and finally get the body you’ve always wanted with this high-tech cosmetic procedure.

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