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Stimulate Collagen Production for flawless skin



Say goodbye to stubborn acne scars and facial wrinkles with ExCeed medical microneedling! Physician's Body Sculpting Plus in Naples, FL is proud to present Exceed, the FIRST FDA-cleared, dual-indicated medical microneedling system that is clinically proven to rejuvenate skin and reduce the appearance of facial acne scars and facial wrinkles. Microneedling works by stimulating your skin to produce collagen, essentially jump-starting your body's collagen production, allowing your skin to heal and repair itself internally and externally.

Damaged Skin

Damaged skin can be the result of age, sun exposure, acne, or genetics. Microneedling involves the use of multiple tiny, sterile needles to make small punctures in the skin, encouraging collagen production.


These small needles being rolled across your skin will create microscopic punctures in your skin. This process is simple and not at all painful. Microneedling requires very little to no downtime.

Collagen Production

Once your body recognizes these small punctures in your skin, this will activate the collagen production in your derma (a deeper layer of your skin) and encourage healthy regrowth and revitalization of the skin.

Flawless Skin

Microneedling is known to help patients with multiple skin-related issues and complaints, including wrinkles, scarring, acne, alopecia, skin pigmentation issues, stretch marks, rosacea, loose skin, and more.




Treatment – Package of 3 treatments

Cost: $1200

Physician’s Bodysculpting Plus is one of the few treatment facilities in Naples, FL that offer medical Microneedling using best-in-class, FDA-approved ExCeed medical Microneedling technology. Your consultation will start with a comprehensive evaluation by your therapist who will work with you to devise a treatment plan which will include a minimum of three Miconeedling sessions. During your sessions, we will begin by gently cleansing the treatment site and the Microneedles in the head of the patented ExCeed Microneedling pen will be run over the skin. This treatment penetrates the top layer of the skin vertically, causing localized and controlled damage without substantially affecting the epidermal structure. Your treating specialist will advise you on post-procedure care. 


Treatment – Package of 3 treatments

Cost: $2100

The standard ExCeed medical Microneedling treatment can be enhanced with the addition of PRP (Platelet-Rich-Plasma) therapy. The PRP is spun from your own blood, reducing any risk of adverse effects. This process is fairly simple, minimally invasive, and has a high safety profile. PRP contains proteins, growth factors, and cytokines that support the skin’s own natural healing process. Research has shown that the addition of PRP to Microneedling therapy can significantly enhance results when used to treat acne scarring. The use of blood plasma accelerates the post-proceedure healing process and enhances treatment outcomes.

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