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Get Rid Of Cellulite For Good With The VelaShape III

Get Rid Of Cellulite For Good With The VelaShape III


Cellulite is something that almost everyone at one point in their lives will have to deal with.


Cellulite is caused by fat deposits (commonly in the thighs and buttocks) pushing through the connective tissue under the skin. Cellulite creates a “dimpled” or bumpy texture on the skin that can cause discomfort or embarrassment for those affected.


If you have cellulite, just know that cellulite affects 90% of people and you’re not alone! Also, know that cellulite can be reduced with the help of our state of the art technology : The VelaShape III.


If you’re looking for ways to reduce your cellulite, consider a VelaShape III procedure to help firm and smooth your skin – fast!



The VelaShape III is a non-invasive body contouring and cellulite reduction treatment. This treatment combines infrared light and bi-polar radio frequency to gently heat fat cells and the surrounding tissue which results in a reduction of both circumference of the treatment area and any present cellulite. The VelaShape III treatment leaves patients with smoother and firmer skin and in clinical trials, has even lead to patients dropping an entire dress size!


You can come in to get rid of your cellulite and maybe even leave with a smaller dress size, too! It’s a win, win! 


The VelaShape III can treat cellulite found on :

  • Chin
  • Thighs
  • Abdomen
  • Flanks
  • Arms
  • Buttocks


The VelaShape III has helped thousands of people target their cellulite and regain confidence to wear what they want and be who they want without worrying about their cellulite.


Are you ready to get rid of your cellulite and say hello to firmer, smoother skin? Schedule your consultation today with Physician’s BodySculpting Plus of Naples, FL! Click HERE!

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